Steven Constalbe, Do You Need Marine EM?, online article
Nigel Edwards, Marine CSEM Review (PDF 1.0 MB)
James Behrens's PhD Thesis, (PDF 29.7 MB).
Evan Um's Masters Thesis on CSEM
Joshua King's Masters Thesis on CSEM (PDF 3.5MB)
Kerry Key's PhD thesis on Marine MT (PDF 16.4 MB)
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David Myer
Electromagnetic Exploration of the Exmouth and Voring Rifted Margins
Ph. D., University of California, San Diego, 2012. PDF, 2.9 MB.


Karen Weitemeyer
Marine Electromagnetic Methods for Gas Hydrate Characterization
Ph. D., University of California, San Diego, 2008. PDF, 12.7 MB.


Lars Løseth
Modelling of Controlled Source Electromagnetic Data
Ph. D. Thesis, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 2007. PDF, 1.3 MB.

Mark E. Everett.
Finite element analysis of shallow-water marine controlled-source electromagnetic signals for hydrocarbon exploration.
Paper presented at the MARELEC Meeting, Amsterdam, April 2006. Word Document, 1.2 MB.

Kerry Key, Steven Constable and Chester Weiss.
Mapping 3D salt using the 2D marine magnetotelluric method: Case study from Gemini Prospect, Gulf of Mexico.
Geophysics, 71, No. 1, January-February, 2006, p. B17-B27. Link to Geophysics online archive (subscription required).


Steven Constable
Do You Need Marine EM Methods?
Explorer, October 2005, AAPG online article.

Nigel Edwards
Marine controlled source electromagnetics: principles, methodologies, future commercial applications.
Suveys in Geophysics, 26, 675-700, 2005. PDF 1.0 MB.

James Behrens
The Detection of Electrical Anisotropy in 35 Ma Pacific Lithosphere: Results from a Marine Controlled-Source Electromagnetic Survey and Implications for Hydration of the Upper Mantle, Ph. D. Thesis, University of California, San Diego, 2005. PDF, 29.7 MB.

Evan S. Um
On the Physics of Galvanic Source Electromagnetic Geophysical Methods for Terrestrial and Marine Exploration
Masters Thesis, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2005.
Thanks to Evan Um and David Alumbaugh for distributing this. Click the link above to visit the page containing links to each chapter.


Joshua King
Using a 3D finite element forward modeling code to analyze resistive structures with controlled-source electromagnetics in a marine environment. Masters Thesis, Texas A&M University, 2004. PDF 3.5 MB.


Kerry Key
Application of broadband marine magnetotelluric exploration to a 3D salt structure and a fast-spreading ridge
Ph. D. Thesis, University of California, San Diego, 2003. PDF 16.4 MB


Graeme Cairns
Development of a short-baseline transient EM marine system and its application in the study of the TAG hydrothermal mound. Ph. D. Thesis, University of Toronto. PDF, 8.8 MB.

Lucy MacGregor
Electromagnetic Investigation of the Reykjanes Ridge near 58 degrees North. Ph. D. Thesis, University of Cambridge. PDF, 15.2 MB.


Mark Everett
Active Electromagnetics at the Mid-Ocean Ridge. Ph. D. Thesis, University of Toronto, 1990. PDF via eScholarship Repository.


Ian Ferguson
The Tasman Project Of Seafloor Magnetotelluric Exploration. Ph. D. Thesis, Australian National University, 1988. PDF via eScholarship Repository.


Wolfgram, PA
Development and Application of a Short-Baseline Electromagnetic Technique for the Ocean Floor. Ph. D. Thesis, University of Toronto. 1985. PDF, 1.7 MB.

Chave, A.D., C.S. Cox, and S. Constable
Electromagnetic Surveying of the Continental Shelf and Slope
University of California Proposal, 1985


Cox, C.S., A.D. Chave, and S. Constable
Offshore Controlled Source E.M. Surveying
University of California Proposal, 1984


Cox, C.S., T.K. Deaton, and P. Pistek
An active source EM method for the seafloor
Unpublished manuscript, 1981. (PDF via eScholarship Repository, with kind permission of Charles Cox)


Robert Frederic Corwin
Offshore Application of Self-potential Prospecting
Ph. D. Thesis, University of California, Berkeley, 1973. (PDF 16.8 MB via eScholarship Repository, with kind permission of Janice Corwin)


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